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You are invited to be present at the marriage of Alice to Leon

You are invited to
be present at the marriage
Alice E. Anderson
Leon A. Gould
at the home of
the bride’s parents.
Sunday, June 10th.
10 A.M.
----- -----

Independence, Mo.
June 8, 1900

My Dear Bro. & Sr.,
Alice and Leon, I am glad to be able to call you so and regret that we could not have been present, at the Wedding. But we wish you much joy, happiness, peace, prosperity and posterity, and all that goes to make married life a success. I felt quit silly when I read the invitation, I have been expecting something of the kind but when it came, It didn’t seem possible that you had really made up your mind to take so great a step. It wasn’t funny at all to think I got married, I always knew I would go and do that.

    Well I am going to propose fear for fear you wont think of it, Leon bring Alice down here, and leave her in my hands and you can see her often and I want her Oh so bad. It is lonesome here alone I must have someone to talk to, and I would be so glad to take Alice in and mother her. Please don’t disappoint me I have been planning this for six months, and I know Alice would like to come, I have sent my loger to hunt a new bed so I can make room for you. Plin says Amen to it all so it is all right, just come. Well we are not very well just now. We have been having such colds, and they never know when to let up.

     I have been making Nina’s new dress to wear to the wedding, have got it almost done, I will send a piece if I don’t forget. Well it is way past bedtime and Plin hasn’t got home for supper, maybe you think that don’t sound well for him to be out so late, but it is not to be helped; once in a while in his kind of business, but I always worry when he don’t come at the usual time. So Alice you will have something to worry you now if you are anything like me. Well I expect you are the happiest couple ever lived & as I can’t add to –love you both- Maude

  (transcribed by Samii S. Gould)

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