Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Letters - Dear Alice, I pray God to direct you right. Mother

Dear Reader, here we can take note of the relationship between Emma and her daughter Alice. :) There is a biography about Emma Whiting Anderson - it is a delightful read! The title is "Portrait of  a Pioneer Woman," and the author is Jewell Benson Walsh.

Your presence
Is respectfully requested
At the marriage of
Miss Maude Gould
Mr. Plinnie Sherman
Thursday, Nov. 30, 1899
At the residence of
L.G. Gould
Independence, Mo.
At six o’clock P.M.
                                                                                                                                    Dec. 30, 1899
Dear Alice, hadn’t you better write to Mr. Ergine, and ask him if he will notify you when they are ready for you to begin that school, and hadn’t you make up your mind to board at Bower’s where you can practice music on the piano, I don’t believe you are well enough to walk from Freems, I think it is the longest 2 miles I ever seen. You would wear out enough more shoes to make the expense about the same, anyway. Lester thinks it is 3 miles.

   Well Winnie and Tommy staid here till midnight last night, were here for supper, filled their pockets with cookies and started to walk to Cass Lake, where they will take the train for Wadena, on their way home. Winnie just got a fat letter from home. Leon brought it for him. He left it here for me to read and give to Leon. They sent a letter Maud and Pliny had written. They both seems happy as could be, and Ella wrote that if Maude was happy she guessed she was the only one in the family that was happy, it made me feel sorry, for I am satisfied you are not happy, and if you have wronged Leon in anyway, don’t be above asking his forgiveness. I don’t suppose you have, but I don’t know what is the matter, if you have refused him. Just because you are cousins, you may be wronging him as well as yourself, there is nothing in the law of God or Minn. against cousins marrying, and if he has declared his love for you, and if you have found out that you love him, it would be right for you to write and tell him so, no one should be ashamed of true love. Love and marriage were instituted of God, and if you thought you did not love him well enough to marry him, and told him so, and have made a mistake it was no more than your mothers and grandmother both did, but don’t risk your happiness and his by keeping silence. I pray God to direct you right.


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