Sunday, December 16, 2012

Letters - Dear Leon, we have heard such sad news, goodbye, Ma

 Jan. 11
Dear Leon I hardly know what to write but will try and write a few lines we have heard such sad news that it makes us feel sick all over, will get Charley’s letter that told of Birch’s sickness and we just heard of Ethel Cooks death and it was so sudden that we could hardly believe it, but she looked bad when we were over there last week and I shall worry more than ever about you seeing that my letter didn’t help you any, I guess it would have been better if I hadn’t sent Em’s letter but you must try and overcome that feeling and not give way to it or it may lead you to do something equal to Bro. Merin’s son and that would make a bad matter worse and there is no --- of that so try and cheer up and come down home and see if that wont help you a little. Well Win is going to start tomorrow and I will send this by him. I am about sick and it is late so I will close hoping you will soon feel better, I hear Charley is with you now so maybe that will help you a little—goodbye Ma

Jan. 18
Dear Sister Emm, I guess I will write a few lines and send by Win he is going back today. I hate to have him go so quick but he seems anxious to get back. We just heard the sad news of Ethel Cooks death, it don’t seem possible that it is so, for we were over there last Friday, and she seemed as well as common but then, she did look bad, and hasn’t been able to be out much this month. I hope it is a mistake about Birch having the typhoid fever, it would be so hard for his mother to not be able to take care of him. Bro. Morton had the luck to get hurt again by the team running away he will be laid up the rest of the winter, there is lots of sickness lately. I am nearly sick myself with a cold. Well I had another letter from Leon. I am sorry I sent your letter for I guess it didn’t have the desired effect, he thinks he never will be any happier that he is now. I suggested him having a talk with Alice but he said it would do no good for he knew she didn’t care for him for she had told him so several times, he said you must be mistaken; so if she is not happy it must be because she thinks she done wrong in the first place and is sorry for it now, it would be wrong for her to consent to him if she can’t think anything of him. Well it is time to get breakfast so I will close, Love to all, Ella. Winfield says send Leon’s letter along so here goes if I – wrong—I might as well keep on.

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