Thursday, December 20, 2012

Letters - My dear Alice, Yours in love, Leon

My dear Alice;-
You used a pencil, will you please allow me the same priveledge this time? Charlie has the lamp so I am writing this almost in the dark. I can’t even see the lines. I got the letter that I saw in my dreams, today.

    I asked my mail and only received a letter from Harry N. and went over to one of the windows and stood there wondering if I wasn’t going to get your letter. Finally I began to read Harry’s when I heard the P.M. Call, Mr. Gould! I went over there and he handed me your letter. I see you wrote it before I did mine I don’t know whether you mailed it first or not. That dream I told you has been on my mind, I suppose I am foolish to let anything like that trouble me. A mere dream.

   I have asked the Lord, if there was danger or trouble near you, to protect you. Yes, I heard you were in town. I stopped at the house the afternoon of Tuesday and your mother told me. Don’t let them make a catholic of you. I wouldn’t wish the girl I love to be a catholic you know. I would be very glad if you did not think you had to work out, but I suppose you do think so or you would not do it.

   Certainly, I would be please to have you tell me that you want to see or hear from me if you do. I didn’t hardly know whether you did or not. I would call and see you anyway if you were not among strangers. As it is I am doubtful not know what to do.

And they really let you eat at the same table with them? Strange? I wonder if they will stoop low enough in the next world to sit at the same table with the rest of the angels.
I think I had better stop before I tire you out or you will be sure not to want me to write again.

                                                                                                       Yours in love
                                                                                                         Leon Gould

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  1. It would appear that the touch of sarcasim I detect coming from Grandpa Leon must have been passed down to succeding generations, at least to me, for I am always fighting that tendency.


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