Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Letters - "My Dear Boy" & "My Darling"

I wonder if I’ll ever have another chance to see you alone in this world.?

Mr. Leon Gould
Bemidji, Minn.

“My Dear Boy”- If you are going to town may I bother you by asking you to go to the book store and see if you can find a dialogue book that is good for anything. If you can not find one then please mail the letter to Normal Instructor Publishing Co.
You may get stamps or what ever you please for the order.
Come over when ever you can and probably I will have something else for you to do, as I never do have anything for you to do.
Yours with L--- Shall I write it?
It doesn’t hardly seem proper but I guess it will seem proper when I get a little more used to it.
                                                                          Alice E. Anderson

My Darling:-
They had no dialogue book at the bookstore so I sent the letter as requested.
You are it if is proper to write the word you left unfinished,. Alice any word or token of love from you will be appreciated. I value your love more than I am able to tell but if God is our helper I will try to prove by my actions how much I prize it.
                                                         Yours with love and esteem
                                                                      L. A. Gould

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