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Letters - longing to see my darling, I haven't forgotten that her lips were made to be kissed

     ("Uncle Alec" or "Uncle Alex" refer to Alexander Smith, son of Joseph and Emma, who was the Presiding Patriarch of the RLDS church -  Grandpa Leon was his secretary.)
                                                                                                                              May 27, 1902
                                                                                                                          Honolulu, Hawaii Ter.
My Darling Mamma-wife;-
We got on terra firma again about 10 o’clock today. Bro. Waller met us, and took us to his place. He also handed me a letter from my blessed mamma girl which game me much comfort; but made me still more anxious to hurry home and be by her side. I love you, I love you Darling.

    Bro. Kaler and family also landed and came here for dinner; but the boat has departed and they are now on their way to San Francisco. We found the General Conference news today and have eagerly devoured the same. It is a blessing to read of the blessing imparted to others.

    This island is mountanious like Tahiti and much like it in many respects, It has the same fruits; but seems to be a little colder. It is quite cool today, most too cool for my linen suit.

    I think I shall have a chance to mail this in a few days on the Canadian boat as it left Sydney 5 days after we did and stops here. Then about June 6 (11 months from the day I had my last wife kiss) we expect to start on our last water journey this trip.

    Well, well, the daily paper has just come and we find that instead of the 6th of June, the boat comes the 11th., so that we are destined to wait 5 days longer than we want to. So that we will not reach S.F. until 18th or 19th and that cuts me out of attending the reunion of the Saints; but Dear One, when I do get home, whenever that is, which I cannot now hope will be before the days of June. Good things are a long time in coming; but how we shall rejoice when the good time does come. Now, I shall have to wait three weeks ere I can receive another letter from you; for, I suppose I did not ask you to send but one letter here. I was glad to get your letter and know that you and the baby were well, for I had worried about you. I am such a hand to worry, anyway. There is one thing I would like to do, to learn, and that is to drop all office worry, and just be a jolly papa with my wife and baby-ies. So if I should get a streak of blues I wish you would remind me that I don’t want to worry.

     I should like to have had the currant pie that you two widow women cooked And I might have tasted the chicken. Sr. Seaburg made a current pie for me the day before I left; she found out that I liked current pie. You’d laugh if you could see the way they make pies, and pie crust. It is thicker and tougher than Grandmother G.s ever was. But it was good anyway. I hope if you really do go to Bemidji that I shall be made acquainted with it before I leave S.F. for I don’t want to waste two or three days in getting to my family. I’ll look for some letters as soon as I get to S.F. Oh, I guess dad could make a living in B. if he wanted to work hard enough, but he might make it easier somewhere else. I hope he wont buy one of Albert’s farms unless he is sure he wants it. I wish he would not pay any attention to all people say, but just do just as he thinks best.

    May 28, Uncle Alex is using the ink so I shall have to pencil. A boat leaves today from China, the “Peking” so we shall have a chance to send letters today. I sent some by Bro. Kaler, which he was to mail on reaching S.F. I think this will reach you about as soon. Another boat (the
Canadian) leaves June 4 and another from China June 7, so you may expect letters in a week, and in 10 days, respectively after you get this. Our tickets are not good on either of those boats, another company you see, so we must wait till the 11th.

    Bro. Wallers place seems like a little Paradise, after our experience in Australia, and 2 weeks on water. He has lots of house room. His wife and children are in Cal. So we have things very quiet. It is on the sea-shore, and the house is in the midst of love shade trees, palms, and cocoanuts, with a well kept lawn, and fountain. I think I should like to spend a couple of years right here, with no one but my wife and baby-ies. My wouldn’t it be heaven on earth. Any place with my wife will be heaven enough; but this is an ideal place. The surroundings would harmonize so perfectly with our happy hearts.
Bro. Waller makes me think of Uncle Art. only he is taller than Art. He is much like him in the way he talks, and laughs, and blinks his eyes when he is thinking.

    Oh, your loving words, Alice, Dear, how I enjoy them. I love you my mamma darling. The spring air, the chiping of the birds, the smell of the green grass, is filling my being with thoughts of love and contentment as well as longing to see my Darling, and watch her happy smiling face and lovely eyes. I haven’t forgotten, mamma, that her lips were made to be kissed.

     Well, well, I should say Clitherall must be all agog over such a little bit of romantic history happening in its midst. I am mighty glad Will got a Norwegion girl instead of some other girl I know, mighty glad, I tell you. I long to be home and see baby, with her cute ways. I think you can understand, mamma, how bad I want to be home, better than anyone else. It will take nearly a month at the outside. Mamma Love, I do take pleasure in everything concerning baby that gives my wife comfort. I am glad she is a church going girl, for I believe it easier to accustom children to go to church from the time they are bleached than to break them in when they get to be three of four years old. I have no D & C so I shall be very thankful for the one you and Hallie got. When we get one for home use, lets get a large-type one.

Blessed Darling. I love you. I love you, Tell baby her papa is very homesick to see her. I love you my Darling Wife, I love you.
                                                                     Your own Husband

(Transcribed by Samii S. Gould)

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