Sunday, January 20, 2013

Letters - I love you mamma Darling, with all my heart

                                                                                                                               Stewartsville, Mo.
                                                                                                                                  June 8, 1903
Dearest Alice;-
I received your letters yesterday; and as you may imagine, I have been very distressed in mind and sad of heart at the news of affliction and trouble, which you are suffering. I felt so bad for a while that I did not know what to do, and my faith -- --- the Lord’s watchcare -----(chewed - much is impossible to read now)----- humanity ---- ---- Sometimes I am afraid ----- I shall turn out a ------ after all, and become a castaway. I can’t see why it should be that as soon as I leave home, sickness should come along and pick out our home to lodge in. I had been ---- ---- for a day or so, but now I have about forgotten that in worrying over my sweet girl.

       We intended to start for St. Joseph at 6 A.M. but our train is 7 hours late so we won’t go till 1 P.M. and it will probably be some later than that. I am anxious to get there, for I want to hear from my Darling again as soon as possible. One result of your letter is that Uncle Alex is inclined to ------- home the later part of ------; and that pleases ---- ------ I think I shall con---- --------, and if you need ----- sooner, send a telegram to this address.

      Ira Burdick came up Friday night and is going to work for Plin. Delia is building a new house at Indep. and is waiting for that to be finished before she comes. I am at Plin’s now. Our train was 7 ½ hours late. Plin fed me some ice cream, which tasted very fine as I was nearly melted. I will have to don lighter clothing soon, or roast. Darling --- I love you, I love you. --- --- now that I ---- --- the latter --- --- the week, as we inte----- leave St. Joseph before long. Don’t mail any letters after Tuesday unless you hear from me. We may not --- -- Thursday or Fri. so if you want to communicate send a telegram. Hope and pray you are all getting along better than when you wrote.

     If I don’t get a letter tomorrow shall be disappointed. I love you mamma Darling, with all my heart. I am so anxious --- get back and be with ----- babies that I can ----wait. Sweetheart girl, --- ----

                                                                                        your Husband

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  1. I will love to read these all in book form when you are done posting them.


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