Friday, January 17, 2014

Fallen for You

Oh, little Joel.

You're so big, and still so little
You're all Daddy's boy, a real little man,
but you still love snuggling with Mommy

You point out pictures of baby animals with their mamas to me and tell me, "baby and mama," and hug me, with a happy little sigh
But you can't wait until Daddy's home every day, and weekends are your delight.

You were so fun on Sunday (but then, you're always fun)
 running and jumping and wanting us to take your picture every now and then
Examining everything you saw
Eating pistachios like it was a career choice

Things I want to always remember about you at this age are:
you think you need to/ought to take care of everyone. We'll be telling you so many stories about this once you're older.Unless you've never "grown out" of it. Maybe serving everyone in every way you can think of is just you - time will tell.
you are VERY picky about what clothing you'll wear. But if it has an animal or a vehicle on it, or looks "preppy" you generally will accept it as good enough

you wait all day for Daddy to get home
you are so generous. I thought you might be jealous of a new baby arriving, but you haven't been. You check on her dozens of times a day, kiss her, pat her head gently and talk to her sweetly
I can't believe you're nearly two!
And I've fallen for you...
too many times to count!

Please stay my baby forever, just exactly like you are now in every particular, but on the other hand, please grow to be a big, strong man of integrity, and serve the Lord, and marry a beautiful little lady who'll make you happy the rest of your days.
Little boy, I love you dearly.
There aren't enough words in the whole English language sometimes.

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I like you too ;)